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But don’t just take our word for it. Discover how Heath Meadows made $20k in 4 months on his way to work — looking for houses that appeared run down or vacant and then using the DealMachine App to get in touch with the owner via direct mail.

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DealMachine is the perfect companion for your Real Estate business.

DealMachine helps you sky-rocket your direct mail response rates and save a lot of time. Simply take a picture of a property with your smartphone and DealMachine looks up the owner, prints and sends highly personalized mail, intelligently automating your marketing process.

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Use the DealMachine mobile app to capture the next property you spot on the drive to work

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Save time and money. DealMachine automatically finds the owner’s information of the selected property.

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Personalize your marketing with a picture of the property to get the highest response rates.

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DealMachine is used by people across North America. Our users are members of:

National Association of Realtors
Fortune Builders
Rich Dad Poor Dad

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