A Beginners Guide: 11 Essential Tips for Flipping Your First House

House Flip Before and After

“I don’t have enough experience or money to flip a house.” Sound familiar? Here’s the truth. Flipping a house is a skill. Like any other skill you can learn it and improve. Don’t believe me? There are 1,500 people who subscribe to my app called DealMachine in order to flip a house. 50% of them have had no prior experience … Read More

The Deal Finder Technique used by $1 Million House Flippers

Imagine making $1 million flipping houses this year. You worked hard to escape your 9-5, and that same drive has hurdled your business past a million per year. Your local paper credits you for revitalizing one of your city’s most historic neighborhoods. You’re living comfortably, yet you’re unable to simply “stay the same,” so you keep growing your business and … Read More

How to Scale Your Real Estate Business from $100k to $200k

Bigger House

There’s nothing worse than dropping $5000 on direct mail for your real estate business this month and feeling like you’re throwing money out the window. Your real estate business brought in over $100,000 in wholesale deals this year but you’re frustrated. All your profits went straight out the door to pay bills for direct mail and Facebook ads. How are … Read More

Abandoned Houses: Detroit Neighbors Having a Halloween Decoration Competition

This picture of two abandoned houses went viral on the internet today: Detroit Neighbors Having a Halloween Decoration Competition One of the things I noticed in the comments was that many people from Detroit are proud of their city and said things like: “Of course Detroit has run down areas, we’ve all seen that, but it also has really nice … Read More

4 Steps to Your First Deal in Real Estate

If you’ve been interested in real estate investing and you wish it were easier, you can rest assured that you’re not alone. In fact you have a lot of company! Just check out this statistic: 77% of Americans ages 35-44 believe buying an outdated home and fixing it up to resell is a good way to make money, and 76% … Read More

Picturing a Better Life: The Story of DealMachine for Real Estate Investing

If you’re curious how real estate investing can help you retire early, you have one thought on your mind: finding real estate at below market value. One method for finding great real estate deals below market value is called Driving for Dollars – physically driving in your car looking for houses that appear vacant or distressed and offering to buy the property … Read More