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DealMachine customers will be inspired by our insanely simple software for finding real estate deals and scaling their real estate business. We are committed to supporting customers by providing the highest quality product that we always innovate on ahead of the competition. Our customers feel refreshed by our helpful content and lack of aggressive sales tactics. We strive to grow with our customers by being our own customers, investing in real estate and practicing what we preach.

Logos & Icons

DealMachine Logo:
DealMachine Icon:
DealMachine Icon:

DealMachine Logo Usage Guidelines:

  • The primary logo is only to be used over white or light-colored backgrounds.
  • The reverse primary (white) logo is to be used over dark backgrounds or photos.
  • The color of these logos is not to be altered.
  • Their should be sufficient clear space around the logo.
  • The logo may be resized, but it must retain it’s original proportion.
  • This logo is not to be used to represent affiliation with DealMachine without consent.
  • The icon should not be displayed directly next to the logo.

When using text to display the company name, care should be taken to ensure proper punctuation is used:

Correct: DealMachine
Incorrect: Deal Machine, Dealmachine, dealmachine


Primary Colors:


#31cce5 - #0fa6bd


Secondary Colors:


Raleway Light - 200

Download: Google Fonts

Raleway Bold - 700

Download: Google Fonts

Open Sans Book - 300

Download: Google Fonts

Open Sans Bold - 700

Download: Google Fonts

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