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How DealMachine Works

  • Find a property

    Whether it’s a property you’ve had your eye on or one you spotted on the drive to work. DealMachine works with all residential properties.

  • Take a picture

    Use the DealMachine app to take a picture of the property. This is when the real magic begins.

  • DealMachine looks up the owner information

    Using your location, DealMachine looks up the owner’s contact information from the property’s county database, along with data providers, resulting in accurate data to help you reach the owner.

  • Personalize your mail

    Craft your marketing message or use our pre-written template. The postcard features a photo of the property giving each message a personal touch, increasing your response rate.

  • DealMachine sends your letter

    DealMachine automatically sends your proposal to the correct property owner. No more hassle with stuffing envelops. Just kick back and relax, knowing your marketing is handled.

What it looks like.

Each picture you take with the DealMachine app sends personalized physical mail from you to the property owner. You no longer have to scour the internet looking for property owners, never have to set up your printer, or run to the post office ever again.

DealMachine includes your name, property owner info, and your photo of the property on front and back.

Front Title

Back Title

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