Our Promise

Privacy is important to your success and your trust is crucial to our business.

By using DealMachine, we promise to clearly inform you about how your data will be used and protected. Our terms of service covers your use and access to our services. Here’s our privacy policy:

We collect your basic contact information including your name and email to maintain your DealMachine account.

We collect your phone number and address so that you may send mail through DealMachine. Your address and phone number are used as your outgoing mail return address.

We collect the property addresses you’re interested in so that we can look up the property owner and send mail on your behalf. This is a particularly important area of privacy to many of our customers. You own the property address data and we promise:

  • We never use your¬†property address list or corresponding owner list to send mail from us
  • We won’t share your data with others
  • You may export your data from the app

We promise to keep this policy up to date. If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with us below.